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Supporting Jewish Singles Programs

Beth El supporting Camp Neshama in 2022

Camp Neshama Labor Day Weekend 2022

Brandeis-Bardin Institute

Get away over Labor Day Weekend!

New Location | 4 Days, 3 Nights | Endless Fun

Every Summer Has a Story

Get ready to kick-back, relax, and have some serious fun with summer camp activities! Camp Neshama is an awesome and rejuvenating experience for Jewish young professionals in a welcoming and majestic summer camp retreat, in Southern California.

It’s a weekend that you don't want to miss: connect and have fun in nature, with favorite camp activities. Just an hour drive from LA.

Sleep-away camp, but better. It's the getaway we all need

Space is Limited | Your Summer Story Awaits:


Sponsored by: The Alevy Family Foundation

Co-Sponsored by: Pico Shul, Kesher YP's, Shabbat Tent

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Adya Dhara
Adya Dhara
Mar 13, 2023

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