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About Us

Thinking Globally About the Jewish Future

To strengthen Jewish identity through initiating and sponsoring outreach programs and supporting targeted activities of Jewish organizations and educational institutions.

Beth El Synagogue is a connection point. The ultimate of what a synagogue represents, it is a transcendent meeting place that exists to express the ideals of brotherhood and oneness that are the spiritual inheritance of every Jew. Unencumbered by the limitations of physical walls, our goal is to reach out to the worldwide Jewish community, touch their lives with the warm embrace of Torah and foster pride in our rich heritage. We believe that we must act now to prevent the loss of thousands of young Jews to assimilation.

Congregation Information
Beth El Synagogue was founded in 1983 and is a board-managed synagogue that undertakes a wide variety of projects ranging from providing an afternoon minyan to the local area, sending rabbis to isolated communities, organizing youth gatherings and sending youth to study in the Holy Land.

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